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Upcycled Wheelbarrow Aeroplane

My husband (Andrew) and I just had a lovely 3 day weekend with the boys, hanging out at home and enjoying the sunshine. Andrew is an “active relaxer” so diy projects are usually on the cards for him if we are at home on the weekends. The boys were with him for a good few hours outside, so I went to investigate. I found them making the coolest upcycled wheelbarrow aeroplane. We had some unused plywood leftover from another project of his, an old camping chair, nuts, bolts, switches, plastic sheeting and a set of keys. And of course an old wheelbarrow base and tin bucket. Andrew can create just about anything with stuff lying around.       Lots of creativity and imagination to be had by all the family with this one. And half the fun is the time spent making it together. Have you made any upcycled/creative toys lately? Feel free to comment below – I’d love to hear your crafty ideas! Advertisements

Christmas Advent Inspiration

With Christmas just around the corner you would have probably seen lots of different advent calendar inspiration around. It’s the final countdown to the celebration of Christmas day and a nice memory to create with your kids. I’ve never done it before, but we are enjoying looking inside with anticipation to see a special surprise each day as we lead up to the 25th. Looking forward to spending time with family at our home hosting Christmas this year and keeping things simple with homemade gifts and BBQ food. I hope you get inspired to maybe start this tradition for yourself next festive season. Enjoy x.  

Getting Market Ready

With the last Market before Christmas fast approaching I am busy making lots of product to sell (fingers crossed). Today in between kindy drop off and baby naps I managed to sew some cushions and collect some twigs and sticks outside in prep for some more Christmas crafting I’ll be doing later in the week. I’m hoping to make a few Christmas wreaths with what I’ve collected from the garden. The cushions I made from some repurposed fabric, once a duvet cover….now a cushion.     I also found this amazing fabric in my local second hand shop this morning… Vintage Retro Nursery Rhyme print…..FABULOUS! So I’m trying to think of the best crafting use for this fabric. Let me know if you have any ideas?!