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Geometric Upcycled Lampshade

I LOVE upcycling interiors to give things a whole new look and feel. I’m also a lover of bright colour….so this little easy DIY geometric lampshade was a real hit for my guest bedroom. Fun, bright, and super frugal….why not try it yourself?! Heres what you’ll need: A tired lampshade in need of revamping. Some painters tape (any DIY store will stock it). Bright coloured acrylic paints. Some metallic copper paint (very on trend right now). A smallish paintbrush. Lets get started: First use your painters tape to make a creative geometric pattern. Then choose a combination of colours that will work really well together. Paint out blocks of colour on your lampshade. When dry remove your tape. Now its times to use your copper paint and carefully paint out all the areas which your tape had been. It’s that easy…take a look at the final product!! Hope this inspired you to create your very own.     Advertisements

The Modern Wreath with a vintage twist

Hey guys….as promised here is my Christmas wreath creation and a guide on how I made it. I decided to go a little more modern this year so that it can be used not only as a fabulous Christmas decoration for the front door….but can also be kept hanging inside on a bedroom wall as a unique home decor piece of art all year round. I used some old vintage wallpaper which is black and white, textured and quite a thick weight so it was really easy to work with.  Just a heads up that this craft is a little time-consuming and fiddley, so would probably take you around 3-4 hours the first time you make one. What you will need: Wallpaper, an old book, music sheets (whatever paper you have and would like to  upcycle). Scissors Measuring tape Hot glue gun (you could use white craft glue, but a hot glue gun is a lot faster). Some cardboard and a craft knife Pegs Large plate and a mug Lets Get Started: First get a large …

Forever Word Art

This kind of crafting technique with paper is called “Découpage”. It’s a French word meaning to cut out. Découpage is usually composed of paper designs that are cut out and glued to any surface (a canvas, a cardboard box, a chair – anything). The images can overlap as they cover the entire surface, creating a very exciting array of colors and visual relationships. Usually finished with a clear coat of varnish to seal, protect and enhance the paper underneath. You can buy these words already pre-cut from craft stores like Spotlight, Michael’s, Craft Emporium etc. This makes it super easy and you could finish your project in half a day. This piece was painted all green to start out, then I used old magazines and wrapping paper with hints of green in the images to cover the word. The great thing about this kind of word art is you can put them just about anywhere to enhance your decor and connect your chosen accent colour in a room with something unique. Check out our shop where you can …