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Creating a Venetian Mask

I went to Venice about 10 years ago as part of a 6 week Italian adventure. To this day it has to have been one of the most lovely and memorable countries I have visited. I absolutely loved the masks in Venice…all hand painted and all so very different and special. They are literally everywhere you look and are quite spectacular. I have created my own version of the venetian mask and the simple tutorial is below – I hope you enjoy making yours. What you need A Mask – available at major craft stores Acrylic Paint and a small paintbrush metallic gold paint Scissors PVA or white craft glue Scrapbook paper with musical notes Clear varnish top coat Lets get started Lay out some newspaper on a table and set out everything you will need. With white acrylic paint and a medium brush, evenly paint the mask with an undercoat. No need to paint the inside of the mask. Once dry, paint the mask with your final colour choice. I liked this vivid purple oxide as …

Upcycled Vintage Stag Head

I saw this brilliant 1950’s vintage print at my local charity shop and had to buy it. It was five bucks. Such a bargain! So I had it sitting in my studio against a wall and have been thinking of a way to revitalise and enhance it. I loved the colours of the roses and wanted to keep them in the image. With the glass removed from the frame I had a light bulb moment. Simply by creating a stencil and painting out the rest of the image it made the most fantastic upcycled piece of art that will be a stylish unique talking piece in any home. What you need Vintage art – with frame and without glass is best Wallpaper for stencil Pencil Scissors Blue tak Painters tape Acrylic or house paint (any colour you fancy) Small paint roller and brush Clear varnish spray Step – by – Step First I washed the print with some warm soapy water and a cloth to remove any mold, dirt or dust. Then I drew on the back …

Feria de Sevilla – The Seville Fair

If you have ever been to Spain you may have heard of Feria de Sevilla or the Fair of Seville. It began in 1847 and started as a Livestock Fair back in the day. Since that time it has become a yearly occurence and lasts for two weeks following Semana Santa (Holy Week) in April or May. Nowadays it is a huge spring festival of Spanish culture including market stalls, art, horseriding, dancing, traditional Spanish tapas and partying through the night. If you go to Spain during this time you would likely see beautiful art capturing this festival in all its forms. The style of art you often see is vivid, colourful and retro in style.    I was inspired by Feria de Sevilla and its artwork to create this painting of mine. Have you been inspired to create something artistic after visiting another country? I’d love to hear about it.