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Forever Word Art

This kind of crafting technique with paper is called “Découpage”. It’s a French word meaning to cut out. Découpage is usually composed of paper designs that are cut out and glued to any surface (a canvas, a cardboard box, a chair – anything). The images can overlap as they cover the entire surface, creating a very exciting array of colors and visual relationships. Usually finished with a clear coat of varnish to seal, protect and enhance the paper underneath.

You can buy these words already pre-cut from craft stores like Spotlight, Michael’s, Craft Emporium etc. This makes it super easy and you could finish your project in half a day.

This piece was painted all green to start out, then I used old magazines and wrapping paper with hints of green in the images to cover the word. The great thing about this kind of word art is you can put them just about anywhere to enhance your decor and connect your chosen accent colour in a room with something unique.

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forever before

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Hi, I'm Liz - stay at home Mum of two boys and creator of Tinker Studio. I love Upcycling, Art and Creating unique home decor pieces to beautify my home. I can see crafty potential in just about anything and hope to inspire you to do the same as I share my creations here at Tinker Studio.

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