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Creating a Venetian Mask

I went to Venice about 10 years ago as part of a 6 week Italian adventure. To this day it has to have been one of the most lovely and memorable countries I have visited. I absolutely loved the masks in Venice…all hand painted and all so very different and special. They are literally everywhere you look and are quite spectacular. I have created my own version of the venetian mask and the simple tutorial is below – I hope you enjoy making yours.


What you need

A Mask – available at major craft stores
Acrylic Paint and a small paintbrush
metallic gold paint
PVA or white craft glue
Scrapbook paper with musical notes
Clear varnish top coat

Lets get started

Lay out some newspaper on a table and set out everything you will need.

before mask

With white acrylic paint and a medium brush, evenly paint the mask with an undercoat. No need to paint the inside of the mask.ย Once dry, paint the mask with your final colour choice.ย I liked this vivid purple oxide as it went so well with the gold metallic accents.

white mask

Useย scrapbooking paper with musical notes and cut the shapes needed for the mask. The best way to do this is to lightly wet the paper to mold it nicely to the shape of the mask. Use PVA or white craft glue to apply the damp paper to the mask.

painted purplefinished

Use a small brush to apply your metallic gold accents. Then when all is very dry you can put a thin coat of clear varnish over the entire mask. This will seal and protect your art along with accentuating the colour and detail on the paper too.

You have now created your very own Venetian mask – gorgeous!

mask complete


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