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Taco Tuesday


For a little over a year we have been regularly celebrating Tuesday’s by eating taco’s for Dinner.

“Taco Tuesday”….commonly known in Southern California, at Mexican Restaurants as the night to get 99 cent bargain tacos. Now it has come to New Zealand and more importantly to our house. You just have to search the hashtag #tacotuesday on Instagram and you will see a mega feed of delicious taco themed pics. Soft tacos, guacamole, fish tacos, margaritas, slow cooked pulled pork tacos, guacamole….YUMMO!

I try to mix it up with different recipes and accompaniments, fresh herbs and condiments. I guess you could say it’s become a little fun family tradition we have started and plan to continue.

FullSizeRender (4)

Ever thought of starting a family tradition? Why not try a special themed dinner night once a week. Taco’s work so well because there are SO many variations, they are healthy, kids love them and its great for a group of people big or small so you can invite a different bunch of friends each week!

Give it a go – I’d love to hear how it goes!


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