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Snowman Wreath

IMG_1494 IMG_1377

“Jingle Bells Jingle Bells…..Jingle all the way!”

Yes you heard right….its nearly that time of year again. My favourite time of year in the southern hemisphere. Summer time, holidays, barbeques, family and friends, singing, giving, love, Christmas!

I love putting up the tree, decorating the house all festive in red and green and playing the traditional carols to get into the spirit of a busy but fun and memorable month. I always put up my Christmas tree on December 1st along with my wreath for the door. Last year I made this one with my Mum. We went for the snowman/winter theme….inspired by the northern hemisphere and the cold snowy weather. You can buy plain green wreaths like this one at the major craft stores and select ornaments to decorate it by simply sewing them into the wreath. I’ll be making another one in the next few weeks for the studio door and will post that soon. Watch this space!


Why not start thinking about how you might get your home feeling festive this year?!


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