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The Reading Nook

Andrew (my hubby) is super talented on the DIY front. He is a real “Handy Andy”and helps me alot with my crafty creations and off the wall ideas. So together with some of my design and upcycling ideas and his building bravado we came up with this totally Pinterest worthy reading nook.

We made this “Nook” in our Auckland home before moving to our now smaller rural town of Taumarunui. The nook is very much missed by not only my boys but me too. It was SO cool! The space was once a double sized wardrobe and we actually had two of these in one room, so to utilize the space better we created this little boys haven to hide, climb, play and hopefully with fingers crossed READ. And it worked….My 3 year old loved it and read there often before we moved house.

All it takes is a little idea to make something as wonderful and memorable as this for your kids….I hope you find a space in your home to make something just as magical.




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