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Aroha Mini-Canvas


Over the years I’ve painted my fair share of crafty style art. Really simple colours with a selection of odds and ends that you glue on and personalise to suit a room or a person (if it’s a gift).

Right now I’m loving all the details put into tiny versions. This way you can put 3-5 of them together (odd numbers work best), or with a mix of other artworks. Or simply fit them on a book shelf or dresser instead of the wall. Lots of options with this Aroha Mini Canvas which is only 20cm x 20cm. You can fit a lot of love into a tiny space.

Also check out this other one I personalised for a very special day… wedding!


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Hi, I'm Liz - stay at home Mum of two boys and creator of Tinker Studio. I love Upcycling, Art and Creating unique home decor pieces to beautify my home. I can see crafty potential in just about anything and hope to inspire you to do the same as I share my creations here at Tinker Studio.

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