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Terrarium Art

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What is a terrarium you say? Well, I was asking myself the same thing a little while back….until I did some research on how to utilise and repurpose a huge pile of old jars I have lying around at home. I found some amazing terrarium creations on Pinterest that were so simple, elegant and unique that I had to try it for myself. All made out of a glass bowl/vase/jar, some soil and some beautiful low maintenance hard wearing plants, it really was so easy.

I have never been much of a green thumb. But since moving to a small town and now living on about an acre of lush gardens, I have had to embrace it. This is a good start for me because its not just using plants and having living breathing green in our home… is Art. Really Beautiful Art. And you can really play around and be creative with each one – colour, arrangement, shape…the list goes on.

The perfect thing about these terrariums is not only do they look amazing, they also require very little upkeep and maintenance. Just give them a little spray with cold water every 4-5 days and if you go away for an extended period…just spray 8-10 times and cover with glad wrap until you get back. A perfect gift for someone special. Love them!

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Hi, I'm Liz - stay at home Mum of two boys and creator of Tinker Studio. I love Upcycling, Art and Creating unique home decor pieces to beautify my home. I can see crafty potential in just about anything and hope to inspire you to do the same as I share my creations here at Tinker Studio.

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